I am Mikaela and I am a Free Bird. I like things all or nothing, as long as you are exposed. I might bite if you deserve it. I can't stand to see those not living their potential or not bettering themselves someway. Life is a fight, aim to win, but if you lose, GOOD. At least you tried and you gain more knowledge. I lean to fashion. I fly when I'm focused. I'm distracted by what defines me most; passion. Most of all, I want to break my limits. Go to the edge and be ultimately free in every single way.

When I Work Out

I put everything else inside my head - any thought or distraction - completely distant to what I’m really focusing on. I think of the person I was in my highschool days, when I was working out twice a day, eating at least 4,000 calories and in the best shape I’ve ever been. I see that determined girl and I push myself to the ultimate limit. I focus harder. I ignore all possibilities of quitting. I tell myself that I can’t live knowing that I broke the goal I made for myself - the only way out is finishing what I started. So I go - I go harder than I ever thought I had the power to. I’m sweating, red, and ready to collapse - but I keep going. Until I count down the last 10 seconds 10…9…8…7…6…5……..4……….3……….2………1. BREATHE. It’s over. I can really live now.

Happiness is not possession

You said you really love her but she broke up with you. You are angry and want revenge but that only means you really needed her but never really loved her. If you really love her you would be sad but grateful for the time you spent with her. You would let her go knowing that she will be happier elsewhere. True love is never a possession it’s a liberation.



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