I am Mikaela and I am a Free Bird. I like things all or nothing, as long as you are exposed. I might bite if you deserve it. I can't stand to see those not living their potential or not bettering themselves someway. Life is a fight, aim to win, but if you lose, GOOD. At least you tried and you gain more knowledge. I lean to fashion. I fly when I'm focused. I'm distracted by what defines me most; passion. Most of all, I want to break my limits. Go to the edge and be ultimately free in every single way.

When I Work Out

I put everything else inside my head - any thought or distraction - completely distant to what I’m really focusing on. I think of the person I was in my highschool days, when I was working out twice a day, eating at least 4,000 calories and in the best shape I’ve ever been. I see that determined girl and I push myself to the ultimate limit. I focus harder. I ignore all possibilities of quitting. I tell myself that I can’t live knowing that I broke the goal I made for myself - the only way out is finishing what I started. So I go - I go harder than I ever thought I had the power to. I’m sweating, red, and ready to collapse - but I keep going. Until I count down the last 10 seconds 10…9…8…7…6…5……..4……….3……….2………1. BREATHE. It’s over. I can really live now.

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